The Good News
Please Tell Me "WHY"
Tell me why? why are you up in arms over people wanting to remove the ten commandments from every government building this side of heaven, it doesn't make any sense.

When we had the ten commandments posted everywhere it didn't help, we have more divorces, 40 million children a year killed by abortions, prayer taken out of schools and frown in public, drugs and alcohol on the rise, kids rebelling, spouses cheating on each other, more lying, cheating, scheming, money hungry, murdering,stealing, back biting,back stabbing, foul mouth people in the world, and that's just the church, I don't have time to go into world issues.

So I guess you haven't figured it out yet.  let me help you.

2 Corinthians 3:1-3

The ten commandments are written not on tablets made of stone (earthly made material) oh and look what else it says BUT on tablets of flesh, that is of the heart (can't see it must be something spiritual?)

What does the bible say about the ten commandments anyway?  Lets read what Paul said it was:

2 Corinthians 3:7a

As we see in this scriputer it is call the Ministry of Death, now that makes a lot of sense.  You're still not getting this?   

Okay lets try this on for size. 2 Corinthians 3:6 

According to this scriputure what is it telling us?

Who made us?                answer:   Jesus!!

What Kills us?                  answer:  The Letter

Is the law sin?                 answer:   No

What does it do?             answer:  it points out our sins. 

What else does it do?      answer:  NOTHING!!! 

If I told you that  I saw you steal your neighbors lawnmower and slept with his wife, and heard you bad mouthing your father and that you wish that guy would drop dead that stole your wallet. What would I do?  Answer, i would take you down to the courtyard to show you what the ten commandments says, and then commence telling you according to these commandments you are a thief, adulterer, dishonor your parents, murder. tell you read and understand, advise you need to change your ways, and then leave you there to think about it.


            I would go to you with the love of God in my heart and speak to you with the loving kindness that Jesus the Christ installed in my heart the letter of the law and the saving grace that our Savior gave to us and show him the way to the masters table.

Still not understanding this?  Okay one last time, ask the Holy Spirit to open your mind and receive this.

Romans 8:1-4

This is Simple:  if all your going to do is hang or place a statue of the ten
commandments on the wall or on the front lawn and walk  away, man will live by the law and die by the law, and be judged by that law.  Reading the old testament; could the Jew's do that?

If you remove the law and then start doing what was commanded by Jesus, then you wouldn't be worrying about what they take from government grounds, walls or statues.  

understand:  the ten commandments that stand alone is only the words that tell you what you have done wrong, nothing more, is that all you want to see everyday of your life how you have done wrong living like doom and gloom and not good enough to serve Jesus. BUT IF YOU COMBINE THE TWO; the letter and the fulfiller then you have something more, you have hope,peace, love, joy, faith, salvation.

The law was given to God's people, not to the world, when you except Christ you are grafted into the family, and the law and fulfiller of the law becomes apart of you. 

Simple:  Stop planting statues of the bible verses and start planting yourself. Man will benefit more from you standing or sitting in the courtyards, or courtrooms, malls, cafe etc speaking about the love of Jesus and that there is a way out of this life of Sin, than a statue that cannot speak or express the way to Jesus.
The ten commandments displayed without the presents of:
 Jesus the Christ is
"the Ministry of Death" 
but with Him is 
"The Ministry of Life."