The Good News
Calm Your Own Storms Through Jesus' Name
Jesus gave you the abilities to rid yourself of problems.  It's a "Faith Thing"  Believe and you will get what you asked for.  Jesus gave his disciples many examples of faith, but in real life form.  Look at Matthew 8:23, on a boat in the middle of the sea, and what a way to test your faith,  a STORM.

We respond just like the disciples, we handle things in our own way, you know grab a pale and start filling them with water, and throw it out of the boat.  But have you every notice, when we do this, more water comes in the boat than out.   The storm brings more than we can handle and we think we can do it ourselves.  What comes with, battling a problem?  1.  Stress   2.  Little Sleep   3.  Eat or Don't Eat   
4.  Altitude of life and the way you relate to others  5.  Tired your energy is gone    6.  Worry  
7.  Depression.  This is because we take thing in our own hands.

Jesus knew, and made a way for you.  In Faith you Believe and say to all your storms, "I don't have to put up with you, now or ever, in Jesus Name I command (the problem, or storm, or any bad situation) this problem to leave, in Jesus Name. "BELIEVE IN FAITH" and it will be done!!!

Mark 11:24   John 14:13 - 14  John 15:7 
Matthew 8:23
Matthew 21:21