very temptation is a seed, rather it be stealing, covertness, or Adultery, or lying, hate, anger etc.   Let’s look at the Story of King David, this will help plenty.

2 Samuel 11 – 19 (I will summarize the majority of these passages)

There are many seeds being planted in the life of King David.  Satan has worked very hard to bring this king to his knees to make a complete fool of him before God. Let’s look at a couple of them.

In the spring the Kings would go out and do battle with one other.  This was no ordinary spring day for King David, for he decided to stay home and aloud his troops to enter battle with out him.  For what reason we don’t know, but I would like to think that Satan had a hand in it.  He could have hit him with a temptation of (seed) pride.  David may have said to himself, “I don’t need to go; the Lord will go before them, I’ll take a break from all that testosterone.  I’ll just stay home and take it easy, see what goes on when I’m not here.”

That same day Satan was working hard on a woman that lived close to the palace, she planned her day accordingly, and as evening came Satan moved in and put a thought in her mind, “My husband and his friends and the King are away fighting for the Lord, there’s no one in the streets, and everyone has gone to bed, I think I will go out on the balcony and bath in the open.  It will be so peaceful and siren.   What was this ladies name that was tempted with (seed) Voyeurism?  Bathsheba.  Don’t jump to hard to her defense, why didn’t she bath inside, knowing there is a good possibility that someone might see her.

It is written: King David arose from his bed and walked on the roof of the king’s house, Mean while outside the castle on the balcony of Uriah’s Condo, Bathsheba was bathing, and David seen her, the woman was very beautiful to behold.
(2 Sam 11:2)

If King David could see her and comment on her beauty, then Uriah’s condo had to be very close to the Kings Palace.  Bathsheba would not have notice the King looking at her because she was under the impression that the mighty men of Israel and their King went out to do battle.

All this might seem crazy, but you have to remember that Satan has gone to great links to destroy God’s anointed King of Israel.  It takes a lot of planning and maneuvering, to make this major fall happen. 

(Satan is not stupid in anyway, he's very smart, do not take him for granted.  If he can bring a king down, how much more you.  Satan plans everything in detail; the only way to get around him is having a relationship with Jesus period.  You have a general that knows His enemy far more than you.  Just trust him.)

For David the seed was named Lust, but when it grows up a new name it becomes.  (Just like Jacob who wrestle with God, was given a new name “Israel”) do you know what the name of the seed became? Yes we all know it well.  “Adultery” 

You may be wondering how this happens, let me show you the simple way of understanding this seed factor.

The seed is the unborn sin, (the planting in one person a pleasant or angry thought that steers the physical sense to arousal.)

The seed was planted by Satan, and then Satan spoke the temptation to David in a way that he believed it was his own thoughts.  To entertain the “thought” is to fertilize the plant. To physically act upon the sin is the water that helps the seed to grow.

      1.      When King David got a shot of Bathsheba, the thoughts in David’s mind fertilized the seed. (The seed sprouted                     roots).

2.      When King David inquired who this woman was.  (The seed began to drink its first cup of water.)

3.      When King David sent messengers to Uriah’s (one of David’s 37 mighty men) condo to take Bathsheba and                bring her to the palace to be with David. (The seed began to sprout through the ground.)

4.     David Wine and dined her, and slept with her. (The seed grew into a plant)

5.     Bathsheba sends word to King David, that she had conceived and is with child. (The plant has produced fruit.)

Now King David had a major problem, Bathsheba was pregnant.  David’s mind was probably thinking, I can do anything I want.  How do I deal with this problem?  What should I do? I don’t want to kill my baby. I’ve got to arrange a plan that will cover up this pregnancy..I know I’ll devise a full proof plan that will get me out of this problem.  Now lets see number:

1.Pull Uriah out of the war.
2.I’ll ask for a report on how’s things are going
3.Send  Uriah home, and send food with him
4.He’ll lay with his wife
5.she’ll tell Uriah later she is pregnant,
6.We will all be in the clear.

This pleased the King, so he made this happen, Uriah came home, told how the war was going, and left for home at David’s orders but, Uriah never got past steps 4 – 6.  Okay David said I’ll move on to plan B.

1.I’ll make him hang around the palace a couple of day’s
2.I’ll give him a big dinner
3.get him trunk
4.then he’ll lie with his wife
5.she’ll tell Uriah later she is pregnant
6.we will all be in the clear

This plan pleased the King.  Uriah hung around the palace, ate dinner with King David, got drunk and crashed outside with David's servants. Uriah never got past steps 4 – 6.  Okay that didn’t work said King David, time for the final plan this will fix everything.

1.I’ll send Uriah back to the war
2.Write a letter saying:  Set Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle and retreat from him, that he may be struck                  down and die.
3.Then Joab and I will make an elaborate story of how Uriah died honorably for his country
4.Bathsheba, will mourned for her husband
5.I will marry Bathsheba
6.we will all be in the clear

This list pleased the King, so he made this happen, everything went according to plan.

God seen how David covered up everything he did.  A plant when fully grown will harvest a crop; let’s look at the crop David gets to receive. In      2 Sam 12:10-14;

Ok this means

The child of Uriah’s wife bore to David becomes ill and dies  (2 Sam 12:15-19)
David’s son Amnon has sex with his sister Tamar  (2 Sam 13: 11-14)
David’s son Absalom Murders Amnon  (2 Sam 13:28-29)
Absalom flees to Geshur  (2 Sam 13:34-39)
Absalom returns to Jerusalem  (2 Sam 14:21-23)
Absalom commits Treason  (2 Sam 15: 1- 12)
David escapes from Jerusalem  (2 Sam 15:13-37)
Shimei Curses David   (2 Sam 16:5-13)
Absalom has sex with David’s wives in the open  (2 Sam 16:22)
Absalom was pleased of the idea of the murderous plot of his father.  (2 Sam 17:1-4)
Absalom is defeated and killed  (2 Sam 18:9-17)
David returns to Jerusalem  (2 Sam 19:9-18)

David broke all 10 of the commandments.
1.Made "lust" a god  (Ex 20:3)
2.Bathsheba was made an "image" of lust to David  (Ex 20:4-6)
3.For David's sin give occasion for God to be ridiculed  (Ex 20:7)
4.Keeping the Sabbath day Holy is hard to do when you live in sin.  (Ex 20:8-11)
5.David honor his mother and father for what he did to God and Bathsheba?  (Ex 20:12)
6.David Murdered Uriah  (Ex 20:13)
7.He committed Adultery  (Ex 20:14)
8.He stole Uriah’s wife from him  (Ex 20:15)
9.He Lied to Uriah, Joab  (Ex 20:16)
    10.David wanted Uriah’s (his neighbor) wife  (Ex 20:17)

Did God destroy the plant?  You be the judge.

Sin, breaks all ten of the commandments at one time. Remember, Satan loves to see you give in to your urges; you please him every time you aloud the seed of sin to flourish.  When temptation peaks its nasty head up and say I’ve planted a seed for you, come fertilize and water it, so it will grow.  You can rest assured that Satan has set you up for a major fall.

Maybe this will help you; “IF” you give in; to any temptation, the world would have a field day with you if they ever found out. They would like nothing better than to help you fertilize and water your plant.

You don’t have to be a King for a major down fall like King David, but you are a child of God and Satan knows it.  Ask the LORD for His guidance, and place your mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions under the subjection of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name. You will kill the seed of temptation every time.

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