The Good News
The Farmer and his Seeds

A farmer went out and planted a seed in the field of a wealthy Land Owner. This land owner watered and fertilized this seed and helped it to grow to be very strong plant.

The plant grew, it became so large that it was troublesome to the land owner, it consumed all his property, even the interior and exterior of the home they lived in that it forced the land owner to move his family away to regroup and figure out how to combat this problem.  A short time later the land owner called he’s hired hands together and devised a plan to destroy this intruder,  he gave special instruction to not annihilate this beautiful flowers that grew on the plant.

The hired hands set off to find the plant, they caught up with it and found it entangled with another plant that stop it from growing.  So the hired hands killed the plant and the rare flower and buried it in the hill country.

Upon the news of this rare but beautiful flower, destruction, the land owner grieved over such a thing dying. He moved his family back to their house. He reaped the destruction of the plants vines that killed all the crops, damaged the home. 

The land owner spent many years and lots of money repairing the damages the plant made. They learned a very important lesson; the picture of this plant may look desirable but the cost of feeding it, will consume your entire life. They never grew that plant again.