The Good News
What is going on inside this Christian Nation, I here everybody is up in arms because some people want the
"in God we Trust" off the Notes and Coins.

What you scared of? That God will stop blessing this nation if we take this fraise off our currency.  

This report just in "God creator of the universe stop blessing USA a short time ago."     Matthew 16:2,3

You afraid that now you'll have act like a Christian? Or be a Christian.

This Ministry doesn't understand why you are acting this way. It doesn't matter if anything has God on "things" and I can prove it.

Mat 22:15-22 

Now we all know this is a story about entrapment, but what I'm getting at is where in this story did you hear or see Jesus stop and say, hay where is the "In God We Trust" what happened to it? I thought this was a religious country, your money and great statues and the Law is written everywhere so everyone can see you belong to God. What's going on?

Israel is God's Country, you knew where you were when you entered Israel, not by currency, or the statues,

Jesus is coming are you ready?

Are you still sleeping?

***WAKE UP***

The elect will not carry you for long.(Mat 25:1-13    ) You have to rise and become what God called you for, and not rely on engraved words, statues, insignias, or written sayings on currency.  You are a Christian because? we are a Christian Nation because? We are from the City of Christ. 

Stand up and walk, let the world know who you are by the way you live.