Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ
Pleading the blood of Jesus is the right of a Christian.  This blood will wash away sins, make demons run, and filter bad thoughts.  The blood is also part of our arsenal that is included with the armor we put on everyday.  The Word and the Blood are the weapons of warfare that the human eye cannot see, but the spirit world sees well. 

The blood is so powerful that if one drop of Jesus’ blood was dropped into hell that hell would no longer exist.  Hell would be totally destroyed.  If for some strange reason Satan would want to return to God, and ask for forgiveness, the blood of Jesus has the power to wash away his sins.

Absolute pure life giving, clean, pure blood, the kind Adam had in the beginning before sin entered the scene.  Is what Jesus had running through His veins.  A perfect sacrifice that no animal could have, it had to come from the creator.

There are many ways to plead the blood of Jesus in your life. There are six (6) ways I want to show you:

1.I want you right now if your kids are around you to hold them in your hands and say “Lord I plead the blood of Jesus over my child (s) that his/her thoughts will be pure, to make the right decisions and protect them from harm.” If they are not around you, you can still plead the blood over them in prayer.

2.Think about your spouse and plead the blood around him/her, because Satan wouldn’t mind tearing you both apart, so plead the blood over their thoughts, work, schooling, daily walk, plead for right decisions to be made.  Plead the blood over their minds that what comes in through their eyes or ears will be filter through the blood of Jesus.  It’s so important that we cover our spouses.

3.Plead the blood of Jesus over our minds that what comes in by way of sight, or hearing and what goes out of our mouth is filter by the blood of Jesus.  Plead the blood for right decisions.

4.Plead the blood for good health, sickness, and injuries for others as well as for ourselves. Of mental and physical injuries, for those who are in hospitals, and prisons, or on the street.

5.Plead the blood over our churches, neighbors, friends, family, car, house, prosperities, everything that the Lord has given us to be stewards of. Plead the blood over your money, job, and career.

6.Plead the blood over what is important to you that you don’t want the enemy to come in and destroy. Example:  the souls of the new born’s, you are working with to help them grow in the Lord.  For intercessors, prayer warriors, pastors, preachers, evangelist, apostles, teachers, prophets, etc.  The list goes on and on.

You see the blood is very important to you and me, and we must use it on a daily basis.  Don’t worry there is enough blood to go around, you need only a drop to cover everything we covered above.

I encourage you to start this very moment to start pleading the blood of Jesus in your life and ask Jesus what he wants you to say and do.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to help each and everyone who is reading this message to teach them how to plead the blood of your Son in there lives.  I pray peace, Joy and Love into them, and I Plead the blood of Jesus on each one that what they read, hear, and see and say will be filtered through the blood.  I Plead the blood over there sickness and illnesses, mental or Physical problems, over their work, home, children, car, finances, and their daily walk with you.  I thank you Lord for all I’ve asked.  For I know it is your will for this in their life. In Jesus name.  Amen.

There is so much that we haven’t encountered when we face the cross, but Jesus knew what He was doing and knew the consequences.  We will learn all there is to know about Cavalry when we reach Heaven.   Blessed be the name of are Lord and King.  Jesus