Temptations of the Holiday's
Do you dread the Holidays because all the food temptations that you face?  All the dinners the choices of which food you want to eat?  Do I want turkey or ham, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie?  And I can’t make up my mind so hay It’s the Holidays after all I’ll sample everything then If I put on to much extra weight I’ll just make a New Years Resolution to join a health club or lose weigh because it’s the Holiday’s and that’s what people do they let  the food talk to them.

It’s like some others we know from our bible reading it started out the story after God Created the earth and then he created Adam & Eve then the struggle with the food began.  It began with an apple, they knew they shouldn’t eat but they gave in to their desire over how good it looked and see what happened they paid the consequence of a wrong choice.  Genesis 3:1-6

Then you read on and you find Esau who sold his birth right for nothing more than a bowl of Stew!!  He paid the consequence for his desire for food!  Genesis 25:29-34

Do you ever find yourself just thinking about one certain thing you just have to eat or you feel like you’re not going to make it?  You just sort of “Lust” for it and yes you can lust after things other than sexual things!! You think “man if I don’t get a big fat piece of chocolate cake I’m going to die!!”  And you’ll do this over different things and if this continues it could prove to be bad for your waist line so you need to think okay what am I doing when I get into these “Lustful moods for food”?

Then you’ll find an answer in Proverbs 19:15   Have you ever noticed your hunger increases when you’re doing nothing or bored?

So maybe on those days when your not busy you should take more time to read your bible, pray or even take a walk it would be better than feeding your face that extra piece of pie!!

So keep your body busy, keep your mind full of God’s word that will cause your eating habits to be pleasing to the Lord.  Read Proverbs 13:25 

Focuses on the word only, eat until you are satisfied not over full and in need of unbuttoning your jeans or loosening your belt only until satisfied.  I don’t care how good it looks or how wonderful it tastes you can always have it another time!

The Holidays aren’t the only time for turkey and pumpkin pie!!  We need to change our eating habits and in order to do those consider this verse in 1 Corinthians 10:31  Ask yourself do my eating habits glorify God. And if not ask him to help you change the way you eat whether you’re forty pound over weight or forty pounds under weight you still may not be glorifying God with your eating.  Let’s look at the following verse in Proverbs 23:2

Again ask God to help you with you’re appetite and eating habits take it to the cross lay it at Jesus’ feet he died for your sins and eating to much is a sin be dead to sin and alive in Christ! Giving it to Jesus sounds a lot better than putting a knife to our throats!!

When you think of the temptation with which you struggle with most in your life, you, can deal with it bodily.  You can have the confidence that God has given you a spirit of self-discipline.  

May you be blessed this Holiday Season.

Father, I ask that when we are faced with the temptation of all the food choices, that you give us the strength and the self-discipline to make the right choices and not overeat.  I thank you for your promise that if we do what is right, eventually truth, and justice and goodness will prevail.  As we face the dilemmas and options this time of year bring, remind us that good does reign supreme. 

 In Jesus name, 

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