Remember back to your first love?  How you felt?  How that he or she made you feel?  You could talk on the phone for hours and hours and hang up and still miss the person's voice seconds afterwards and have to call right back because you just felt as if your life would end if you didn't talk to that person.

You remember all the first's there where like the first time you held hands or went to the movie or maybe even the first kiss!!  Or even maybe your first love was the excitement of your first car.  Oh how you paraded around to show her off to all of your friends, neighbors and anybody that had time to listen to you talk about it, you kept her cleaned up and washed at all times never to let her get a speck of dirt on her.

You were very protective or your first love weather it was a girlfriend or boyfriend or a new car careful to show it special undivided attention at all cost eager to be alone and spend quality time with the special person or object.

Well I came to say that we have a first love that is patiently waiting for us to seek him and to show him the attention that we so eagerly do so many other loves in our lives.  His name is Jesus.  All he asks is that we believe in him, confess to him, commit our life's to him and continue on in our daily walk with him. 
Revelation 2 : 4 - 5         Jeremiah 29 : 11 - 13

Jesus is far greater than any other first love we've ever had, he's always there and he never puts anything before us.  He is dependable unlike that first car that eventually will leave you stranded.  On like our first boyfriend or girlfriend who after time finds something better to do.  Jesus longs for us, he longs to be the one who we run to first when we need something and for greater he just wants to be fist on our minds and in our thoughts.

Remember back to how you felt when you first confessed and committed your life to Christ?  How you had a hunger to study and read the word so you could know more about the Lord.  How you couldn't wait until Sunday or Wednesday church service so you could go and get closer to the Lord or how you just loved to sing to him or praise him for all he's done for you.

Jesus would enjoy nothing more if his children would continue on  with this kind of newness or freshness in their relationship with him, but like so many we loose the first love felling and start to replace it with other things that tend to seem more important and what was once a First Love seems to be pushed further and further back and replaced with more stuff.

We need to take time and confess to the Lord that we've put things in front of him and we need to re-commit our lives to Jesus and continue on in our walk and relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is longing for us to return to him our first Love.
Jesus Our First Love