God's Love
When we look at the world around us, sometimes it’s difficult to understand the unfairness of life.  It’s not fair that the young should suffer.  It’s not fair that the innocent should go hungry.  But nor is it fair that a God would have to come to earth and hang on his own cross to protect us from the evil one.  It’s not fair… but that’s love.  And that’s God.

God’s love for you is not dependent on how you look, how you think, how you act, or how perfect you are.  His love is absolutely nonnegotiable and non-returnable.  Ours is a faithful God. No matter what you do, no matter how far you fall, no matter how ugly you become, God has a relentless, undying, unfathomable, unquenchable love from which you cannot be separated. EVER!!!!!!!

Run to Jesus.  Jesus wants you to go to him.  He wants to become the most important person in your life, the greatest love you’ll ever know.  He wants you to love him so much that there’s no room in your heart and in your life for sin.  Invite him to take up residence in your heart.

Don’t think that God always ha s goose bumps and happy feelings toward his people.  That same God is the God who once wondered if he should have ever made this thing called the human race.  But it’s the same God who assures us that “you are my people and I will be your God.”  It’s not based on feelings or perfection; it’s based on a covenant of love.

Once we see how much God cares for his people, then we begin to see how much his heart must have broken when the hand of man reached out and took the goblet of sin offered by Satan.  Because God is perfect, he cannot dwell with a sinful being.  He must have wept so much the tears were like a flood and showered the creation.

The love of Christ compels us to do what we never thought we could do and go to heights we never thought we could reach.  Precious is the name of Jesus!!


We aren’t always sure ourselves what we mean when we use the term love.  That word has become one of the most widely misused words in our language.  We use the word love to describe the basest as well as the most exalted of human relationships.  We say we “love” to travel, we “love” to eat chocolate cake, and we “love” our new car or the pattern in the wallpaper in our home.  Why, we even say we “love” our neighbors but most of us don’t do much more than just say it and let it go at that!  No wonder we don’t have a very clear idea of what the Bible means when it says: “God is Love”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because God is Love that everything is going to be sweet, beautiful, and happy and that no one will be punished for his sins.  God’s holiness demands that all sin be punished, but God’s love provides the plan and way of redemption for sinful man.  God’s love is the cross of Jesus, by which man can have forgiveness and cleansing.  It was the Love of God that sent Jesus Christ to the cross!

Never question God’s great love, for it is as unchangeable a part of God as His holiness.  No matter how terrible your sins, God loves you.  Were it not for the love of God, none of us would ever have a chance in the future life.  But God is Love and his love for us is everlasting!


Who is one person you have difficulty loving?  What three steps can you take this week to show love to that person?  Pray that God would give you a loving heart, and then show your love.

FATHER, we look at your plan and it’s all based on love, not on our performance, and we pray that you’d help us to understand that.  To be captivated by your love.  To be overwhelmed by your grace.  To come home to you in that beautiful path that you’ve already carved out for us.  In Jesus name, Amen.